45 minutes videos and Gen-Z is still watching: How Gaspard G mastered the Art of Storytelling

In an era characterized by shrinking attention spans, one content creator has succeeded in leveraging longer formats and captivating the Generation Z audience with videos delving into societal issues. Gaspard G's ability to attract and maintain an audience through longer videos is noteworthy. While brevity has been championed as essential for appealing to Gen-Z viewers, Gaspard G has proven that immersive narratives, in-depth analysis, and emotional resonance can transcend time constraints.

💭Meet Gaspard G, full name Gaspard Guermonprez, a Franco-Canadian content creator who has gained significant attention on YouTube. Born in 1997 in Lille, France, Gaspard started his YouTube channel in 2013. With a background at HEC Montreal, he brings a unique perspective to his videos. Gaspard G is known for his thought-provoking investigations on societal issues.

More than just a content creator, Gaspard G is also an entrepreneur. In 2021, he founded the start-up called Intello, an agency dedicated to 'Edutainment' creators (education + entertainment), promoting what he calls 'influential creators' rather than influencers, or the new faces of news.

The aim of all these creators, including Gaspard G, Fast Infos, or César Culture G, is to talk about and explain topics as varied as the news, ecology, culture, society, finance, and many others in a researched and rigorous way.

In his videos Gaspard G. uses his talent as a storyteller to craft immersive narratives. From the very beginning, he hooks his viewers with compelling introductions and carefully constructs a captivating story arc. By intertwining personal anecdotes, expert insights, and well-researched facts, he creates a narrative tapestry that keeps viewers engaged throughout the entirety of his 45-minute videos. This approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of societal issues, offering viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

Furthermore, Gaspard G's videos are characterized by their in-depth analysis. Delving beyond surface-level discussions, he takes the time to dissect complex topics and present multiple perspectives. In a series, he explores "The story of...", providing captivating details of the lives of striking characters such as Trump, Ben Laden, Lady Diana, or, during the French presidential campaign, the biographies of the various candidates. In January 2022 he also co-created the application Elyze which aimed to give young people an interactive insight into the candidates in the 2022 French presidential election. Through these diverse means he encourages critical thinking among his audience, fostering a sense of intellectual stimulation that resonates strongly with Gen-Z viewers.

Emotional Resonance and Connection

One of the key ingredients in Gaspard G's storytelling is his ability to evoke emotions and establish an authentic connection with his audience. He understands that Generation Z viewers want content that doesn't just inform, but also stirs emotions.

In videos such as his investigation into the dark side of Tinder, he shares his own experience, including the less glamorous side, creating an atmosphere of trust and relativity. This shared experience creates a powerful bond that strengthens his influence with Generation Z viewers. This is all the more true as one of the key moments of his legitimization was his address to the government in January 2021 on behalf of the French students, in which he criticized the government's attitude towards students in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. This video led to a discussion with then prime minister Jean Castex.

Sddressing societal issues that have personal relevance and impact, allows him to appeal to the empathy of his viewers and evokes a deep emotional resonance that encourages them to stay engaged. This genuine approach allows his audience to see him as not just a content creator but as a fellow human navigating the complexities of the modern world.

Leveraging Visual and Technical Elements

Freeze frame of a video by Gaspard G on The hidden side of Tinder

Gaspard G's storytelling is not solely reliant on words. He skillfully incorporates visual and technical elements to enhance the narrative experience. Through creative editing techniques, visuals, and well-executed graphics, he elevates his storytelling to a visually engaging level.

By skillfully leveraging these visual and technical elements, Gaspard G ensures that his videos are not only informative but also visually stimulating. This multifaceted approach appeals to the visually-oriented Gen-Z audience, enhancing their overall viewing experience and further solidifying his storytelling prowess.


Engaging the Gen-Z Audience Through Storytelling

Gaspard G's success can be attributed to his mastery of storytelling techniques that resonate with the Gen-Z audience. Through his immersive narratives, in-depth analysis, emotional resonance, and visual enhancements, he effectively captures and retains the attention of his viewers. Furthermore, his authenticity and relatability foster a strong connection that transcends the screen, creating a loyal community of followers.

We can likely expect more in the near future coming from the young entrepreneur who said in a New York Times interview: “Tomorrow, media brands will be faces and not logos”.