Consulting, how are we helping media brands to reach Gen-Z?

Bridging the Gap Between Your Brand and Gen-Z with Yoof AgencyThe elusive Gen-Z demographic, tech-savvy, highly influential, and future shapers of the media landscape, are just within your reach with Yoof Agency's consulting services. As a team comprising members of this dynamic generation, we bring authentic, insightful perspectives to help you connect meaningfully with Gen-Z.Social Media Audits and Strategy: Enhance your social media game with our meticulous audits. We'll help you understand the 'good ratio' and other key metrics important to Gen-Z engagement, and equip you with effective strategies to optimize your brand's social media presence.La Voix Du Nord had launched their social presence and have been struggling in attraction the young audiance attenetion and needed a consult to push it forward and grow it quicker. We researched the existing situation, analysed the audiance being targeted, built and showcased the entire news on social media Gen-Z strategy for a news brand Ta Voix.Media management: Dare to dream bigger with your campaign launches. At Yoof Agency, we craft innovative, engaging campaigns by young people for young people, harnessing our innate understanding of Gen-Z culture, language, and interests. Not everyone wants to run everything by themselvs. We have a team of experts ready to manage your social media content daily. You have your name and we do the heavylifting. Advisory Boards: Benefit from real-time, authentic feedback with our youth councils. We curate a panel representing your target demographic's diverse geographic and psychographic characteristics, allowing you to test new concepts and fine-tune your strategies. The biggest pannel we have created and curated was with a joint-project with dpa - #UseTheNews project called the NewZee community of 30+ Gen-Z journalists, media enthusiasts who advises biggest German media brands on reaching our generation.Yoof lead the creation of the NewZee comunity, part of #UseTheNews project by the dpaLet Yoof Agency be your guide in this exciting journey towards engaging Gen-Z. Together, we'll ensure that your brand doesn't just reach this vibrant generation but also inspires, informs, and resonates with them.