Dylan Page or News Daddy | The TikTok King, largest news channel on TikTok

Jun 8, 2023

Our attention today lands on a TikTok news star, yes, another one, there must be a trend here, and that is exactly what we aim to dig in deeper. The person in question is called Dylan Page and he is officially the number 1 news channel on TikTok. He calls himself the News Daddy and although all he does is shares what he found on mainstream media channels with 7 million followers he is on to something.


Dylan Page has posted his first video in 2020 with little to no plans to become the news account, he was at most exploring the opportunities of the platform. As  TikTok grew and took stance as the Gen-Z belowed platform so did Dylan Page who has quickly turned his quick and simple news efforts into the biggest news reporting unit on TikTok in the world.

This was the time that we have witnessed the rise many news faces: HugoDécrypte in France, Ac2ality in the Spanish speaking world and Max Foster in the UK. With no years of experience or degree in journalism Dylan Page found his path on depicting daily news story into easy to understand bite-sized pieces of information.

The outcome? An engaging story that appeals to a younger demographic, with a continually increasing number of followers that has now surpassed a million. Dylan Page isn't simply another TikTok phenomenon; he stands as a symbol of the power of authenticity in a time filled with disinformation.

For the first time Dylan's TikTok journey to prominence wasn't about frivolous content or popular dance moves. Instead, he harnessed the platform to convey significant news stories, acting as a bridge between conventional news channels and the digital cravings of Gen Z. This novel news distribution strategy indicates a transformation in media consumption habits, mirroring the emergence of influencers such as HugoDécrypte, Ac2ality, and Max Foster.

It is not sensational that a personality performs better on social media than a corporate news brand, but the scale of the gap is indeed astonishing. We argued recently that one of the factors for the success of Max Foster was his ties with the CNN, giving credibility of his words. Well this time in seems that a youth carisma has played a more powerful hand to capture the attention of Gen-Z.

How and why it works for Dylan Page

Authentic approach

He does not strive to emulate the polished, corporate look and instead, he chooses to present information as himself, a member of the audience seeking understanding. He provides commentary without journalistic jargon or bias, allowing the news to be more approachable and understandable. Making videos in his bedroom sets the mood for informal and relatable scene.


Are you hyped for this or is it too expensive?🤔

♬ original sound - Dylan Page

Quick and concise

No one has time these days, but Gen-Z is even less patient when it comes to length of the content. With an attention span of 8 seconds (McKinsey & Company) and with supply of never ending feed, capturing the attention of a Gen Zer becomes a true challenge. Dylan's approach is clear, quick to start, quick to finish, "Everything all at once".


What do we think about this?!🤔😳

♬ original sound - Dylan Page

Video it is

The use of video content allows him to engage his audience more dynamically than traditional print or even online written content. Visual cues, body language, and tone of voice all come into play in a video, making the news more relatable and easier to grasp. Furthermore, the short-form video format of TikTok perfectly complements his approach of delivering quick, concise news. This innovative use of video content in news reporting signifies a shift in media consumption and serves as a blueprint for future news platforms.


What an insane year! 🤯🥵

♬ original sound - Dylan Page

So What?

❓A surprising realization strikes us – the silence. Dylan Page, the most-followed news channel on the world's most popular social media platform, seems to have gone unnoticed by mainstream publishers and media brands. This TikTok news figure, with his innovative style, authenticity, and influence over the Gen-Z audience, has remarkably not sparked an industry-wide discussion or received much focus.

The question that lingers is – why?

Why have the major players not followed this massive shift in news consumption patterns? Why is the magnitude of this young man's success - without the backing of a major news corporation or formal journalistic training - not a conversation starter in boardrooms and editorial meetings? Why are there not more eyes studying, learning, and perhaps, adopting his authentic, quick, and visually appealing approach to news dissemination?

It seems as if we are standing at a crossroads where traditional journalism and digital media intersect, and yet, the industry appears to be ignoring the signpost pointing towards the future. As the digital world continues to evolve and the younger generations continue to shape their preferences, will the media landscape remain the same? Or will it finally wake up and pay heed to the silent revolution happening in the corners of TikTok?