Gamifying news: Interactive storytelling to engage Gen-Z | Mémorable by Le Monde

Apr 26, 2023

The evolving digital landscape of engaging Gen-Z readers in the fast-paced world of digital content. Traditional news platforms face the daunting challenge of engaging and retaining the attention of the demographic which is characterised by short attention spans and demand for novelty and stimulation. Traditional online formats have been struggling to capture the interest of this group, highlighting the need for innovative methods of content delivery.Gamification: Have you ever thought of making news playful? Well you should! This approach transforms the consumption of news from a passive reading activity into an interactive and engaging game-like experience. In doing so, it offers potential for revolutionising the manner in which news is consumed by the younger audiences.Mémorable soft touch A pioneering gamified news platform by Le Monde is a prime example of embracing the innovative approach by launching Mémorable, a gamified news platform, in 2020. Mémorable is designed to talk to younger readers by presenting news stories in a dynamic, interactive, and entertaining format. The platform, accessible as a free mobile app on both the App Store and Google Play, offers a selection of articles from Le Monde's website, videos from the YouTube channel, and images that introduce timely topics or public figures, all wrapped up in a game-like interface.lemonde.frThe Future of JournalismThe gamification of news marks a shift in the journalism landscape. Mémorable currently stands as a frontrunner in this domain, pioneering interactive storytelling approaches to engage Gen-Z readers.News Media has the potential to take a stance for the opportunity for media to engage younger audiences through innovative strategies - Perhaps placing news into a game-like experience is the best way to act and keep the relevance. So what?😎The limelight is on media organizations to embrace gamification, to captivate and sustain the interest of younger audiences. By doing so, they can adapt to the rapidly changing digital environment and foster a new generation of well-informed citizens. The challenge is to break free from the confines of traditional journalism and deliver news in ways that resonate with modern audiences. Invest in pioneering strategies like gamification to stay ahead in the industry, thereby ensuring the continued relevance and influence of news in the digital age.