🚨 Important changes in Yoof News | Your weekly Gen-Z recap #1

Jun 16, 2023

Hey Yoof News readers! 👋You asked, we listened! We're switching to a once-a-week newsletter to bring you our top stories, all in one go. No more clutter, just the good stuff, once a week. So, here's what made waves this week:Act2ality: TikTok's News Sensation! 🚀 How Act2ality is reaching millions of Spanish Gen-Z? Interview with the FounderDiscover Ac2ality, the Spanish startup revolutionizing news consumption for the younger generation through TikTok. Simplifying current affairs, they’ve become Europe’s leading news player on TikTok, reshaping the media landscape and future of news.Yoof NewsPierre CaulliezDive into our exclusive chat with the founders of Act2ality, the Spanish startup that's changing the game for Gen-Z news on TikTok. From a small start in 2015, Gabriela Campbell and Daniela McArena have turned Act2ality into TikTok's top news channel in Europe. Curious about how they create content or what's next on their agenda? We've got it all covered here​.Check it out 🤓Meet B-Side: Boston's Fresh Take on News Local news, going viral? Exclusive interview with B-Side, made by The Boston GlobeYou might have already stumbled upon The B-Side, the innovative newsletter that is rapidly taking root within the Boston Globe Media. The newsletter, created by Andrew Grillo, is charting an exciting new course for local news consumption. As the reverberations of its influence extend beyond Boston,…Yoof NewsHanna BernardB-Side is a youth-powered media platform that's giving a voice to Boston stories that the mainstream often misses. Born from the minds of young Bostonians, B-Side is all about sharing news that really matters to the community​.Check it out 🤓We hope you love this week's line-up of stories. Remember, we want to hear from you! 🗣️ Take a moment to fill out our Feedback Form and help us keep getting better!Catch you next week, The Yoof News Team 🚀