Tick-tack, it's time to go viral: Tagesschau's Sweet Smell of Success

Tagesschau set the benchmark for interactive newscasting on the German social media and  entertainment market.

Tagesschau had announced its groundbreaking launch on Tiktok in November 2019, three months before pandemics hit hard in Germany. The channel was conceived on a brilliant notion of two teenies who'd completed their professional traineeship (in German: "Volontariat") at the public radio and TV broadcast companies in North and North-West Germany. Anna Metzentin (NRD) and Antje Kießler (WDR) were eager to create a channel to tackle shrinking enlightenment among teenagers and to guard their sanity of mind with regard to fake news and panic-inducing hoaxes. Speaking of the channel's target audience, Kießler refers to school-goers. This accurately matches the platform's statement about the prevailing audience at the age from 14 to 17.


👁️‍🗨️Tagesschau is a time-honored German public-service news broadcaster. It was launched in 1952 initially airing twice a week for 15 minutes but later expanded to a daily format. Tagesschau is known for its objective and impartial reporting, striving to provide a balanced presentation of news and events. Produced by ARD, Germany's public broadcasting system, Tagesschau is broadcasted both on TV and online. It holds a significant position in German media, delivering comprehensive news coverage to a broad audience.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Tagesschau news reels proved to be a howling success. Giving insights in all recent restrictions and advice on law-abiding behavior, also debunking misinformation has been a bulletproof argument for the further expansion of Tagesschau's activities on social media. At the peak of the first COVID wave in Europe, in March 2020, the Tiktok channel was awarded the prestigious Goldener Blogger Award. Roughly a year later, it hit the 800.000 followers benchmark and stored 290 videos in total.

Core features of Tagesschau on TikTok:

  • concise and dynamic news summary

  • edited short reels with subtitles and transitions

  • 1.4 million followers

  • the age of presenters ranges between 17 and 30

Content background in detail

Tagesschau visual content on the backdrop small-sized white subtitle text in a blue-padded container box narrative pursues the matter-of-fact tone average length: 43 sec 5+ anchors in staff anchors' names are disclosed to public original sound used

🤔So what?
Despite the mounting rivalry on the part of private media outlets' social activities (Die ZEIT, NiUS), Tagesschau remains the sole opinion leader in followers, views and likes so far. Obviously, its content is widely more trusted and helps a great deal in precarious situations, such as during the COVID public gatherings ban. The official narratives are recounted in a quick, easy-to-follow manner designed to be a first-aid information kit for news-craving Gen Zers.