Translating the Power of Memes into Engaging Gen-Z News Content

Meme: A compelling or intriguing digital element such as a captioned picture or video that proliferates extensively online, particularly via social media platforms (Merriam-Webstar)

Gen-Z is extra on memes. Read all about it.

If you don’t know what we mean by “extra” or “memes” you need to keep reading.

A cursory scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed will instantly reveal the ubiquitous presence of memes. Their sheer virality and shareability have made them an integral part of social media culture. These qualities have not only attracted the attention of marketers and brands but have also found relevance in news dissemination, particularly for the Gen-Z demographic.

Integrating memes into news and content strategies can bridge the gap between the content creators and the young, tech-savvy consumers. While they might not serve as a universal solution, memes present an avenue worth exploring for content creators, particularly in the news domain.

Leveraging Memes to Engage with Gen-Z Without Overt Advertising

Younger demographics, like Millennials and Gen-Z, are becoming increasingly adept at ignoring explicit online advertisements. Traditional marketing messages that seem too promotional often receive minimal engagement.

Memes, on the other hand, offer a subtler way to engage the audience. By utilizing humor and entertainment, memes capture attention and elicit engagement, thereby amplifying the news organically. They allow for easy consumption and sharing, enabling high engagement rates without making the audience feel like they're interacting with an advertisement. Instead, they perceive it as engaging with a meme.

Injecting Life into 'Less Exciting' News Through Memes

Take the example of a product like ketchup. It's a household staple, but a social media post featuring a bottle of ketchup with a promotion isn't likely to garner much engagement. However, Heinz, a prominent ketchup brand, recently deployed a meme-focused campaign intending to generate a million impressions. By creating original meme content, they exceeded their goal four times over, amassing over four million impressions and 80,000 engagements across Instagram and Facebook.

Capitalising on the Popularity Surge of Memes

With the popularity of memes at an all-time high, now is the ideal time for news content creators to experiment with meme-focused strategies. Websites like, which boasts over 16 million followers across Facebook and Instagram, exemplify the enormous potential of meme marketing.

Considerations for Effective Meme Creation

While memes present a promising opportunity, two key aspects require consideration for successful meme implementation:

  1. Be Relatable, Don't Overdo: Most brands or content creators finding success with memes target Millennials and Gen-Z, the most internet-savvy generations. The memes need to resonate with this audience without appearing as if they're trying too hard. Tailoring memes to specifically appeal to the intended audience is crucial; broad appeal might dilute the impact.

  2. Timing is Crucial: To maximize meme effectiveness, it's essential to stay abreast of trending memes. Using outdated memes that have already saturated the audience might portray the content as disconnected, potentially causing a negative impression.

So What?

🏆The ubiquity and the immense popularity of memes present content creators, especially in the news domain, with a unique opportunity to engage Gen-Z more effectively. The key lies in being relatable, timely, and subtler in blending news content with memes.