How does TikTok Niches works? The example of Witchcraft

Jul 3, 2023

TikTok is not fit to adress everybody: you have to choose a particular audience, also called a niche on the platform. Finding a precise group of people you want to send a message is key for finding and growing a loyal audience. Let's take the example of one of these niches with 15 billion videos on TikTok and through it see how niches work. Our study case today is on WitchTok. 🔮Vocabulary point: any word followed by “Tok” refers to the name of a TikTok niche. This helps finding a certain type of content easily in TikTok’s search bar. Ex. PlantTok = the niche related to plant keeping; BookTok = the niche for bookworms; MomTok = the niche where people share tips on parenthood; WitchTok = the niche that explores everything that is witchcraft related (spells, crystals, herbs, moon cycles, tarot cards, astrology etc.)This type of videos are quite common - the content creator is showing some elements and objects she works with while she comments on the topic of witchcraft in the background by voiceover. The video contains advice, it is very dynamic in terms of speach and images and it contains Gen-Z slang such as "okrrr" and "I do be wrong". @redfairytarot Here is a textbook example of WitchTok content. This creator is very active, does only one type of content (realted to witchcraft) and always does her videos in similar settings to be easily recognized in the users For You Page. She is solemnly adressing a witchcraft drawn audiance with tips and tarot readings by using WitchTok related hashtags, captions and bio.But why are Gen-Z all of a sudden drawn to these medieval practices? WitchTok has emerged as a powerful and inclusive community on TikTok. The has been and still is one of the fastet growing with billions of videos under its name. It resonates with a lot of young people, it started during the lockdown episodes and this will to reconnect with nature, find faith is something new and be part of a growing community. As TikTok was and still is the place to be during the pandemic, it's a hub for Gen-Z witches to connect, share their knowledge, and celebrate their spirituality. This community was build thanks to the algorithm that broght them together as it does with all users that share one or several common interests and features. Let's dig deeper into how it works and how it can help you find your audience. The Algorithm's Sorcery: Unveiling the Perfect Niche and Timing TikTok's powerful algorithm plays a significant role in curating personalized content experiences. No matter what niche they want their TikTok to be seen by, a creator has to follow the guidance of said niche: use certain sounds, dress in a certain way, use a particular slang and hashtags and follow precise trends. Not only that but it has to be done in the right timing: a trend has a week-long life on TikTok approximately. For optimal results, the sooner you post the video (at the begging of the trend) the better. That way, your video has the to be seen and put on people’s For You Pages.So What?The rise of WitchTok demonstrates the power of embracing niche communities and interests to captivate the young audience. You can either create content that corresponds to the witchcraft niche on TikTok or to any other niche. Now that you have the keys, you can take the floor in any part of TikTok. the advice of this article are applicable to any other niche.🎯Your goal: find the niche you want to address, use their codes (language, sounds, trends, hashtags, slang, topics) to make it clear for the algorithm who you want your videos to be seen by, be as active and regular when it comes to posting content (have at least one element that makes you recognizable in the For You Page montain of content).