Your weekly media dose of Gen Z #1

Jul 5, 2023

Dear Yoof News reader,You asked, and we listened! We are switching to a once-a-week newsletter to bring you our best stories, all in one go.No more clutter, just the good stuff, every Wednesday. So, here's what made waves this week:The portrait of the week 👀You should know about ‘Stuff You Should Know’Podcasts have been gaining popularity as news distribution channel over the past decade, offering a unique blend of entertainment, education, and engagement. Among sea of podcasts available, one that has managed to carve out a niche for itself is “Stuff You Should Know.” This podcast, as the name su…Yoof NewsMartynas Vanagas🎙️You should know about 'Stuff You Should Know'The hosts of this podcast changed the game. Their conversational style, well-researched content, and understanding of their audience's preferences have resonated with millions.For an in-depth look at their story, check out the article linked below.The insights of the week 📈Reaching Gen Z: Easy Guide to Personalization, Green Practices, and New Digital SpacesUncover Gen Z’s digital habits, sustainable product trends, and innovative brand strategies in the evolving marketing landscape.Yoof NewsMartynas Vanagas🌟Last week, Martynas attended Cannes Lions, offering a unique Gen Z perspective. He returned armed with key insights on marketing trends for our audience. Curious about Gen-Z's digital habits, the rise of sustainable products, and the evolution of brand strategies in the metaverse? Or perhaps the intriguing merger of social media and e-commerce sparked by the Twitter-Shopify partnership? Check out his article!The trend of the week 📈How does TikTok Niches works? The example of WitchcraftExplore the significance of niche communities like WitchTok on TikTok and how to craft content that resonates with your targeted audience.Yoof NewsAdelina Lambreva🔥If you're in the media sector and curious about how to navigate and leverage TikTok's niche communities, this is your guide. Adelina uncover the mechanics of the TikTok algorithm, learn the art of resonating with your targeted audience, and understand the emergence and influence of niches like WitchTok.The project of the week 🏆🤖Read the new report by Yoof Agency in collaboration with DI5RUPT AI implications on Gen Z audience development. The report breaks down how AI helps make media more personalized and less overwhelming for Gen Z. In short, AI is becoming a key tool to make media that really speaks to Gen Z.Read the reportWe hope you enjoyed this week's line-up of stories. See you next week, The Yoof  Team 🚀